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Ethician Cemeteries are "green cemeteries" where the Biblical philosophy of "dust to dust" is invoked.

To learn more about the Universal Ethician Church, please visit the Salvation Network.

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San Jacinto County Documents:

Open Records Request #1

Open Records Request #2

Documents sent to San Jacinto CAD from UEC on 5 February 2015

Exemption denials from San Jacinto CAD to UEC received 4 August 2015

Letter to San Jacinto CAD from UEC 14 August 2015

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  • Family Lot Assignment Document (pdf)
  • Individual Plot Assignment in shared lot document (pdf)
  • Conservation Easement (pdf)
  • Visit to learn more about conservation easements
  • Gift Deed (pdf)
  • VS115 Document
  • Resources for Vital Statistics Partners
  • The HANDBOOK ON DEATH REGISTRATION is linked above and should be studied and
    adhered to.

    CHURCH serves only as the owner of our various Green Cemeteries and
    serves as superintendent and administrators of the cemeteries and the
    administration of the environmental rules.

    It is the responsibility of the THE FUNERAL DIRECTOR or PERSON ACTING AS
    SUCH to insure that death registration and other regulations are
    followed according to statutes.

    If a licensed funeral home is not contracted to deliver the body, dig
    the grave by hand, or produce the death certificate and other
    formalities, then the family shall appoint the PERSON ACTING AS SUCH,
    which is usually a member of the family or administrator of the estate.

    The Universal Ethician Church will provide as much assistance as
    possible and will aid the family in contracting with independent grave
    diggers should the family decide to not dig the grave themselves.

    It is the responsibility of THE FUNERAL DIRECTOR or PERSON ACTING AS
    SUCH to provide THE UNIVERSAL ETHICIAN CHURCH with a copy of the death
    certificate or at a minimum the vital statistics including legal name,
    date of birth, date of death and date of burial for our Cemetery Records

Our First Burial -- Rick Gallagher N 30.49.008 W95.14.779
Our Second Burial -- Lee Ann Zahringer Stine N 30.49.079 W095.14.773
Our Third Burial -- Frances Dorothy Gartner N 30.49.006 W095.14.783
Our Fourth Burial - Marie Catalano Burns N30.49.066 W095.14.794
Our Fifth Burial - Richard Scott N 30.49.010 W095.14.774
Our Sixth Burial - Corvin Franklin Stine, Jr. N 30.49.079 W095.14.773
Our Seventh Burial - John Wesley Sanders
Our Eighth Burial - Martin Stanley Burns N30.49.066 W095.14.794
Our Ninth Burial - Claudia Ann Sossamon
Our Tenth Burial - Scholar (2-24-2019)

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How to Establish Your Own Green Cemetery

Green Burials: Going Home to Mother Earth

Texas Cemetery Statutes Ch 711
Texas Administrative Code 181.2
Health and Safety Code Chapter 193 Death Records
Determination of Death Ch 671
Texas Funeral Service Commission


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