For those families wishing to provide information about their family history we recommend the type of marker used by the Texas Historical Commission.

The foundary that manufactures the markers for the THC is The Southwell Company in San Antonio. They have been in business since 1866. They may be reached by e-mail inquiry at southwl@texasnet or for immediate information at their web site at . This marker would be placed along the woodland trail at the boundary of the Lot or for those lots located along FM 980, at the edge of the Lot line along FM 980 is so desired.


SACKCRETE MARKER (least costly)

Remove the leaf litter at the head of the grave. Dig a 4" deep hole no more than 18X30 inches, preferably in a natural shape. Mix enough sackcrete and water to fill the excavation. When the sackcrete sets up enough, inscribe the deceased name, dates of birth and death, and any biographical information as well as a short poem or verse of scripture if desired.

Spread the soil from the excavation on the grave and then spread the leaf litter on top of the soil.


A natural marker can be in the form of a piece of native stone in its natural shape. A tombstone company should be able to incise the appropriate data onto the stone or apply a bronze plaque. The stone should then be placed at the head of the grave.


A biographical marker would be a smaller version of the FAMILY HISTORY MARKER. This marker would be placed at the head of the grave.


Bronze statues, cippi monumentale, wrought iron, original sculptures may be appropriate in the Ethician Family Cemetery. Please submit photos or plans for approval.